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Custom Detail, Salem Oregon's Oldest And Most respected Boat and RV Detailing Expert since 1992, Expert Gelcoat and Filon polishing, restoration & protection,

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How it all got started
Custom Detail was establish in the spring of 1992  in Salem Oregon with help of family and friends to turn my passion and hobby for Boats and RVs into a business I love doing and can't wait to start each day.
We started as a mobile business, but with Oregon weather being what it is, we worked from our garage, but as the boats became bigger &  wider it was clear we needed more room.
So we went shopping for a new facility and found a new home, shop and a Christmas tree farm in the process. Now we have a place to work year round, consequently we no longer offer full mobile service. We are the Boat and RV Detailing Expert, not a car detailer that works on Boats and RVs. In fact it is the other way around. We may only work on 1 or 2 cars or trucks a month, and only for private party customers, not car dealers!


Our misson statement:


To always give the customer more than they expect not just what is expected


Our motto:


It' not just clean it's RANDY clean !


Randy Lowe


owner/ Master Detailer


4370 75th Ave. SE

Salem Oregon 97317 



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Open 8am to 6pm Monday - Friday
Saturday by appointment until Noon
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Auto Detailing      
 Sick Car Syndrome
It's not just for buildings any more! We are seeing more and more of our customers complaining about headaches, runny noses,etc when riding in their cars. Only to have the symptom's go away after they get out of car!
We can Help! With our years of experience and state the art cleaning equipment we can kill the mold and mildew,dry the wet carpet and upholstery and eliminate the odors from smoking,pets and musty smell from being wet.
RV Detailing
Our most popular  RV service
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
RV carpeting is the same carpeting you'll find in your home today, the same colors and pile heights, it's the same type of residential carpet used in over 70% of the flooring in the United States today! When it comes to cleaning your residential carpet most of you would call a professional carpet cleaner, but here is where the difference begins a professional residential carpet cleaner is not used to seeing the types of dirt that would be brought into an automobile, which are the same types of dirt that are brought into a motor home, travel trailer etc.. Such as walking across a hot asphalt shopping mall parking lot with oil drippings and melted tar, then directly onto the carpeting of the RV, the gravel or mud on the shoulder of the road and then back into the RV! Residential carpet cleaners are not used to dealing with this type of soiling and may not get the best results cleaning an RV carpet, this is where we have an advantage being a professional detailer those are the types of soiling we see every day on automotive carpeting

Boat Detailing  
Are you Ready for Spring?
Every year as the boating season comes to a close here in the northwest more and more customers are having their boats detailed before putting them away for the winter. With the cost of a 22ft fiberglass boat, nearing the 40k mark. It’s no wonder boat owners are protecting their investment, by have it detailed once a year.
 We are seeing a trend to have this service done in the fall over waiting until spring, There several reasons for this change.
First. The seasoned boat owner doesn’t want to wait for an appointment in the spring when the weather breaks, and the new boaters come out of the wood work.
Second, The chance of mold and mildew on the interior are all but eliminated by a through cleaning in the fall, there is not a boat owner that has not thrown the boat cover back in the spring only to find last years snack crumbs left in the boat are now little hairy black spots all over the interior, and have vowed to never let it happen again!
Visit Our Web Site for a list of all the services we offer and to contact us to set up an appointment to keep the value in your investment.
Remember detailing is an investment not an unwarranted cost!
Thank you
Randy Lowe /owner, master detailer

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