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*Attention we no longer use this product call for details
About X-kote™
X-kote™ is a revolutionary automotive and marine finish renewal system. X-kote™ repairs scratches and scuffs, and brings faded, weathered, sand blasted paint and gel coat back to its original factory luster.
X-kote™ is not a polish, wax or dye. It is a clear chemical that was designed to interact with automotive and marine coatings on a molecular level. It is applied by hand and, it is dry to the touch in about 15 minutes.

Automotive Paints
Today’s automotive paints are typically 2 stage paint. A base coat which has the color and the metallic flake in it, and a clear coat on top. The clear coat is like a lens and creates the perception of depth. X-kote™ gives that same lens effect and when applied on top of the clear coat, it magnifies that perception even further. X-kote™ leaves absolutely zero swirls so the clarity and shine of the paint are maximized. Single stage or single component paints lack the depth of 2 stage paint, however when X-kote'd™ they have an incredible deep wet look. X-kote™ also gives single stage paints the needed UV protection they lack, to stop them from oxidizing .X-kote™ is 100% body shop compatible and can be painted over at any time.
When X-kote™ is applied to automotive paint and marine gel coat, it triggers a chemical reaction on the surface of the paint creating a melting effect, repairing scuffs and scratches, then fills them with an invisible micro thin layer that cannot ever be washed off. The end result is permanent and looks feels and wears like the factory coating.
Boats and RV's
Boats and RV's are generally finished with gel coat. This is a polyester based single stage resin with color added and has very little or no UV protection. As a result they tend to oxidize very quickly. Until now the only answer was to continually buff the gel coat to remove the oxidization. When
X-koting™ oxidized gel coat, the oxidization is first removed with a buffer using a wool pad and a cutting compound. X-kote™ is then applied and the gel coat is instantly brought back to new.
X-kote™ gives gel coat that 2 stage deep shine and gives it far superior UV protection to stop it from re-oxidizing. Many comment their boat didn't look that good new!
An X-kote™ finish is permanent, unlike other products that simply mask the damage instead of repairing it, and eventually wash or wear off. X-kote™ will last as long as any quality automotive or marine paint.
Many ask what X-kote™ can be compared to.... The answer is simply nothing!
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 Randy Lowe ,Owner/Master Detailer
Custom Detail, your Boat and RV Appearance restoration expert
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This is a 1973 Tathiti 16ft ski boat that has been in the customers family since new.

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